Monday, August 13, 2018

Thank You for Your Business and Reviews!

We would like to thank our customers for giving us a chance to provide energy products and technical advice to them! We appreciate everyone who has left us a review on the Internet!

If you are willing to give us a review please visit our Google Review page, our Facebook Review page, or our Yelp page.

Here are a few reviews we’ve received:
“Absolutely LOVE these guys. I've been doing hours/days/weeks of research on LiFePO4 batteries, BMS systems and how to get it all working for my RV, and Raj has been incredible in helping me through it. They're the best place to go if you want to buy wholesale LiFePO4 battery cells and BMS systems for CALB, the ones I have. Getting the right equipment for lithium can be ultra confusing, and THESE GUYS HAVE THE ANSWERS! CALB actually sent me to them originally to place my order, and I ended up back there researching and gathering information. HIGHLY recommended”
-      Ed R.
“Ordered a lifepo4 bank (16 Calb 100's) for solar from these guys awhile back. Pretty easy to work with sales people that know their product and can fill in informational gaps for you if you are buying a product you have never used before. I have ordered from several other parts companies and this company by far has more uniform quality of their products. Would recommend to friends.”
-      Nicholas S.
“If your project has an 'electron' in it...Talk to Carl.  He advised me in the early 80's on co-generation on gas wells in Wyoming.  He is a dear friend and will take care of your battery needs.”
-      Lynn Behm
“Electric Car Parts offers Lithium batteries and packs, battery management systems, battery chargers and inverters, solar energy storage, car conversion kits, electric motors, parts, and converters.’
“It's a small family-owned business where the owners really know about what they sell and are passionate about empowering people to use alternative energy. They went out of their way to help us get the right parts to assemble both 32 v, 400 Ahr, and 12 v LiFEPO4 battery banks with battery management systems and needed ancillary parts for our boat.’
“My husband has spoken with both Carl and Kelly on the phone many times, getting advice about what to buy and how to construct the packs. They're both savvy and patient, good humored. Fair prices, quick shipping. What a great resource!”
-      Nancy S.
“Purchased cells and parts for an electric car. Friendly people to work with! Their website can be a little misleading about the lithium cells, saying you can order small quantities of certain cells when in fact you cannot. Will buy from again!”
-      Jon G.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Balancers/Equalizers with LED Indicator Lights

6 Amps (6000mA) Continuous Balancing!
Battery AH 50-1000!
Unlimited Cell Count
Balances during charge, discharge, and storage
3V 1S Battery Voltage-Amperage
With LED Indicator Lights

We recently expanded our line of Balancers/Equalizers to include ones with LED Indicator Lights. They perform the same tasks as the old Balancers like keeping your batteries voltage difference within 10mV and prolonging battery lifespan by 2-3 times.
Additionally it has a lighting system to indicate the status of your batteries. There are two LED indicators on the balancer which tells you the status of your batteries (charge or discharge) and status of the balancer (cut-off or working or faulty).
Cell balancing works similar to cups with different amounts of water in each. A balancer that is in the process of equalizing batteries is like a pump that is attached from one cup to another. With the pumps, all the cups will have the same level of water.
When a pack of batteries reaches a specified charge cutoff voltage then the charger will shut off. If one cell in a pack reaches that voltage before other cells reach a full charge it will cause the charger to shut off - prematurely denying the balance of the pack a full charge.
Conversely, when the weakest cell in a pack reaches its discharge cutoff voltage it will show as the discharge point and shut down the pack prematurely - thereby denying the user the balance of energy the other cells have stored.
These battery equalizers prevent this from happening. This yields up to 30% more power and will extend the life of the battery pack.
Ask us whywe believe these battery balancers are better then a traditional Battery Management System (BMS)!


§  Balance current: 1A balance current when the voltage difference is 500mV
§  Balance accuracy: The voltage difference is <20mV after balancing
§  Working efficiency: >94% (at 1A)
§  Power consumption: After finishing balancing, the balance current is <20mA
§  Maximum acceptable voltage: DC 1,000V
§  Working temperature: -40F~176F (-40C~80C)
§  Storage temperature: -40F~212F (-40C~100C)
§  Relative humidity: 45%~90%
§  Parasitic current drain: 1 watt per day
§  Series modules
·        Modules may work with 3, 4, 5, 6, or 8 batteries in series (AKA 3S, 4S, 5S, 6S, or 8S)
·         Does not come with the wiring to connect to the batteries

A 144v pack of 48 cells,
20 in the front and 28 in the back
can use 8S+8S+4S in front
and 8S+8S+8S+4S in the back.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

48V Input
12VDC, 50A Output - 600 Watts
Isolated EV DC/DC Converter

Waterproof to 3.2ft (1m) (IP65)
2~3W Idle Current Draw


Our best DC/DC converter is our Wimech series which have input voltages going from 48 Volts to 144 Volts (48V, 72V, 96V, 120V, & 144V) and output power of 600 Watts and 50 Amps.

They are in our USA Stock here in Utah and ready to be shipped quickly. The Isolated EV DC/DC Power Supply is waterproof to 3 ft. and has an IP rating of IP65.

Advanced high frequency technology is implemented to bring about high efficiency, stability, and a compact size. As it says in the product specifications about this technology, "The 600W series isolated DC/DC converter applies advanced technology and is configured specifically for electric vehicles. It is very suitable to supply power to the lamp and audio system as it is very stable and clean. The advantages of high efficiency, stability, and compact size, are achieved by adopting the advanced high frequency technology. It is sealed by silica glue to make it water and vibration proof, which ensures the stability of the vehicle in atrocious conditions. It also can be used as a charger to charge a 12V battery in the electric automobile according to the customer’s requirement. Current equalizer is built in, which makes converters work in parallel in order to enlarge the capability."

    Call us now to find out more about the 600 Watt Isolated EV DC/DC Converter!

Input Voltage
48V (42V~60V)
12V DC
Start Delay
3 ~ 8s
≤ 270mv
Current Stabilization
≤ ± 1%
Voltage Stabilization
≤ ± 0.5%
Cooling Method
heat sink
CANbus Protocol
Mechanical Shock
Complies with SAEJ1378
Automatic Current Limiting
Operation Ambient Temperature
-40°C ~ 65°C
Storage Temperature
-50°C~ 90°C
Relative Humidity
≤ 90%
Air Pressure
70 ~ 106kPa
Protection Level
Dielectric Strength
Isolated 36V-48V-70Vdc
Size (L × W × H) inches
10 * 5.5 * 2.6
Size (L × W × H) mm
254 * 140 * 66
Weight (Lbs)
Weight (Kgs)

* Protection Features for your 600W Isolated EV DC-DC Converter
o   Input over or under-voltage
o   Output over or under-voltage
o   Over-temperature
o   Reverse connection
o   Phase failure
o   Short circuit protection
The system will shut down, and return to normal operation after the fault is cleared.
** The output current stays fixed after it exceeds the set point.
*** Imposes 48Vdc between I/O and the chassis after shorting the input and output for one minute. No breakdown or flashover.

Monday, July 23, 2018

18W 2800 Lumens
Tool Battery Powered Light

Brand new use for the Replacement Tool Batteries!

This large 2800 Lumens LED light is compatible with replacement batteries used for DeWalt, Makita, Black & Decker, Porter Cable, and Ryobi 18V / 20V tools.

When I first saw it I thought it looked like a person with feet and legs. Its design makes it possible to stand up anywhere you need lighting in a tight space.

Pick up an 18 Watt Tool Battery Powered Light now! And while you're at it, get the Tool Batteries you need for it to. Ask us which batteries work for the light.

·        Rated power: 18W
·        6500K color temperature
·        Brightness: 2800 lumens
·        Compatible with DeWalt, Makita, Black & Decker, Porter Cable, and Ryobi 18V / 20V Lithium Batteries